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    I have a kendo template that uses resources and one of the german resorces has an umlaut. The template is loaded using kendo.template and kendo.render.

    I found a link that complains about this http://www.telerik.com/forums/german-umlauts-not-working-in-listview%27s-client-template-when-coming-from-resources but the solution from there does not work: Html.Raw

    I have tried also 
    @Html.Raw(HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Resources.GridSaveChanges).Replace("#", "\\#"))

    but it does not work.

  2. Tsvetina
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    Hello Alexandra,

    The other thread discusses a case, where the German umlaut is inside a ClientTemplate definition. If you are directly creating a template in JavaScript, you need to ensure that special symbols are escaped before passing the text to the template, as explained here:
    Hash Literals
    If the above article does not help, could you show the exact code that you use to create your template, so I can give you more specific suggestions to try?

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  3. Alexandra
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    Posted 14 Jul in reply to Tsvetina Link to this post

    Hi Tsvetina,

    Thank you for response. Indeed Html.Raw works. I was displaying something from a model property and did not realize that was coming also from resources. I manage to "solve" my issue by printing the template before rendering and saw there the # character that was not escaped.

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