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listview change event not firing

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john asked on 29 Apr 2015, 12:57 AM

I have a listview defined as follows:

   <div data-role=" listview"
                     data-bind="source: people,
                            visible: isVisible,
                             events: {
                              change: onChange
                     style="float:left; width:100%; height: 370px;display:block;overflow: auto">



now listview nicely shows my array of items but I need to update another view when the user selects a new row.My VM looks like:

var viewModel = kendo.observable({
    isVisible: true,
    onChange: function (){
        var data = dataSource.view(),
            selected = $.map(, function (item) {
                return data[$(item).index()].ProductName;

        kendoConsole.log("Selected: " + selected.length + " item(s), [" + selected.join(", ") + "]");
    onSave: function (e) {
        kendoConsole.log("event :: save(" + kendo.stringify(e.values, null, 4) + ")");

    person: {
        Name:"John Doe"


notice the debugger statement in the onChange function , well it is never hit as no idea what happened to the change event. I would have used Angular but

it has a problem that caused us to drop back to MVVM (Knockout). even if I make onChange a global function it does not fire.


Very confused




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Boyan Dimitrov
Telerik team
answered on 30 Apr 2015, 03:29 PM

Hello John,

Please enable the selectable option in order the selection to work and change event to be fired. Please check example. 

Boyan Dimitrov
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Boyan Dimitrov
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