LINQ queries for many-to-many with more than two tables involved

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    Posted 13 Sep 2010 Link to this post

    I have forward mapped class in my application with a similar setup to the following:-


    Class Book

    -          IList<Chapter> chapters

    -          IList<Change> changes


    Class Chapter

    -          Book book

    -          IList<Page> pages

    -          IList<Change> changes


    Class Page

    -          Chapter chapter

    -          IList<Change> changes


    Class Change

    -          String description


    To summarise the relationships:-

    -          A book has zero or more chapters

    -          A chapter has zero or more pages

    -          A book, chapter or page may have zero or more changes (the relationship between the change class and each of the other classes is many-to-many and uses join tables)


    Given a book, I want to be able to list all the *page level* changes (flattened)


    If “change”s were specific to pages, I could work from the bottom up… e.g. Change.Where(c => c.Page…), but they aren’t, so I need to work from the top down.


    I considered something like this:-


    var result = from c in Chapter.GetList()

                 join p in Page.GetList() on p.Chapter equals c

                 join chg in Changes.GetList() on chg ???

                 where c.BookID == 1

                 select chg;


    But get lost at the ??? part… what I’d like to say here is something like “join chg in Changes.GetList() on chg in p.Changes” or use a “where p.Changes.Contains(chg)” somewhere, but nothing seems to work.


    I’ve found a lot of info on many-to-many when two tables (plus the join table), but not on 3+


    In SQL I would do something similar:-




          FROM Book

          LEFT JOIN Chapter ON Chapter.BookID = Book.ID

          LEFT JOIN Page ON Page.ChapterID = Chapter.ID

          LEFT JOIN Change_Page ON Change_Page.PageID = Page.ID

          LEFT JOIN Change ON Change.ID = Change_Page.ChangeID

          WHERE Book.ID = 1


    Can someone suggest the best way of accomplishing this?



    Best regards,


  2. Serge
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    Posted 15 Sep 2010 Link to this post

    Hello Aleks,

     Let me see if I understand correctly. For a specific book, say with ID that equals 1 you need the to get all the page level changes. So if a book A has 2 chapters each with 3 pages you will only need the changes that are associated with the 6 page objects. If so, you can easily achieve it with a query such as this : 

    var query = scope.Extent<Page>().Where(x => x.Chapter.Book.ID == 1)
                           .SelectMany(x => x.Changes)

    Please contact us back if you face further trouble or this is not your case. I do hope this helps.

    Have a great day,
    the Telerik team
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