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KendoUI Scheduler Configuration

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T asked on 12 Feb 2014, 03:21 PM
Hi, I am a beginner with Kendo generally and I'm trying to implement the scheduler control to show live calculation of material usage on daily bases (in a week by week view). 

I am unable to have the Usage data displayed in the cells although I managed to have to Materials displayed on the left hand side. I wonder if any one could help or give me some hints on what I am doing wrong. Here is my code so far:

I can be sure that data is being return to the view but the view is not showing the usage data, which is simply numeric values corresponding to a material on a specific day of the week. I have also attached a screenshot of how it looks like:

the Controller method to read the data: 

        public JsonResult Read([DataSourceRequest] DataSourceRequest request)
                var usageList = new List<ReportUsageViewModel>();

                var imports = _importRespository.GetImports();

                foreach (var usageReportStoredProcedure in imports)
                    var usageViewModel = new ReportUsageViewModel();

                    usageViewModel.MaterialID = usageReportStoredProcedure.MaterialID;
                    usageViewModel.Start = usageReportStoredProcedure.ScanDate;
                    usageViewModel.End = usageReportStoredProcedure.ScanDate;
                    usageViewModel.DailyUsage = usageReportStoredProcedure.UsageQuantity;
                    usageViewModel.Title = usageReportStoredProcedure.UsageQuantity.ToString();


                return Json(usageList.ToDataSourceResult(request));

            catch (Exception exc)
                return null;

The actual control

<div id="StockViewer">
    .Resources(resource => resource.Add(m => m.MaterialID)

    .Views(x => x.WeekView(v =>
        v.DateHeaderTemplate("<span class='k-link k-nav-day'>#=kendo.toString(date, 'ddd dd/M')#</span>");
    .Group(group => group.Resources("Materials").Orientation(SchedulerGroupOrientation.Vertical))
        .DataSource(d => d
        .Model(m => {
            m.Id(f => f.MaterialID);
            m.Field(f => f.Title).DefaultValue("No title"); 
        .Read("Read", "ReportUsage")

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Vladimir Iliev
Telerik team
answered on 17 Feb 2014, 08:05 AM

From the provided information it's not clear for us what is the exact reason for the events not being loaded on the client side - could you please provide runable example where the issue is reproduced? This would help us pinpoint the exact reason for this behavior.

Vladimir Iliev
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Vladimir Iliev
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