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    Hello KendoUI Gurus - 

    I am using a datasource and an external API ( to grab data and populate it into a Pull-to-Refresh list view. All works well, however I am filtering the data using Kendo's "FILTER" (meaning I retrieve ALL records from the cloud first, and then apply a filter - which isn't going to work as the table grows, or at best horrible inefficient) I need to filter the data at the query level - the ajax code below works fine 

    Is there anywhere I can put this line of code in the Kendo datasource configuration to have this line of code run in the AJAX request. 
      data: 'where={"username":"someUser"}',

    Below is a link to some documentation on their site, I understand that it's an external service and that you may not support it, but I would like to double check with you and hopefully you can advise me on how to achieve what I need to do

    Thanks in advance,



    Ajax Working Code:

      type: 'GET',
      headers: {'X-Parse-Application-Id':'PARSE-APP-ID','X-Parse-REST-API-Key':'PARSE-REST-KEY'},
      url: "",
      data: 'where={"username":"someUser"}',
      contentType: "application/json"
    Kendo UI DataSource:

    var listingdataSource = new{
                    serverPaging: true,
                    pageSize: 10,
                    filter: { field: "messageTo", operator: "eq", value: localStorage.ls_userid},
                     sort: { field: "createdAt", dir: "desc" },
                    transport: {
                      data: 'where={"username":"someUser"}',    
                    read: {
                    type: 'GET',
                    headers: {'X-Parse-Application-Id':'xxx','X-Parse-REST-API-Key':'xxx'},
                    url: "",            

                    dataType: "json" // JSONP (JSON with padding) is required for cross-domain AJAX
                    schema: { // describe the result format
                        data: "results", // the data which the data source will be bound to is in the "results" field

  2. Petur Subev
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    Hello Darren,

    Yes, this should be possible. Basically the additional data option that you want to send to the server should be configured under the read object of the transport. Use the data field as you would do it if you were using the $.ajax's data. 
    transport: {
        read: {
            data: {
                id: 42,
                name: "John Doe"

    Kind Regards,
    Petur Subev
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