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    We have recently changed some legacy code which was calling a WCF API to populate the grid and it was using serverside paging. We have to use the same serverside paging but with C# datasource. How can we achieve this?

    This is how the code was before when it used an API:
    dataSource: {
        type: "odata",
        transport: {
            read: dataUrl,
            dataType: "json"
        schema: {
            model: BillingModel,
            data: function (data) {
                return data["value"];
            total: function (data) { return data['odata.count']; }
        serverPaging: true,
        serverFiltering: true,
        serverSorting: true,
        sort: { field: "EncounterDate", dir: "asc" }

    This was changed to use the c# datasource now:

    dataSource: {
        schema: {
            model: BillingModel,

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    Hello Mudiam,

    Thank you for the provided code snippet.

    In order to achieve the desired behavior, I would recommend using the following demo as a template. It represents the Custom Ajax binding of a DataSource:

    Open the View Source tab and find the implementation of the "ApplyOrdersPaging" Method in the "CustomAjaxBindingController". Pass and use the "page" and "pageSize" parameters for "Skip" and "Take" methods. This is the recommended way to implement the Server-side paging.

    Give the approach above a try and let me know if further assistance is needed.

    Kind Regards,
    Anton Mironov
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