Kendo Treeview with checkboxes, pre-select items on load and pass selected items on button click

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    I am using kendo treeview with checkboxes in ASP .Net MVC. The datasource for the treeview is a list of item and want some of them to be selected on loading the treeview and then I want to pass the newly selected items to the controller. I can achieve each one of the two separately(with a line of code for each functionality), but they seem to be mutually exclusive.


    This is my code for the view:

                            .Checkboxes(x => x.CheckChildren(true))
                            .CheckboxTemplate("<input type='checkbox' name='checkedFiles[#= #]' value='#= #' #if(item.IsChecked){# checked #}#/>")
                            .Events(events => events.DataBound("onDataBound"))
                            .Checkboxes(x => x.Name("PrescriptionProductInstructions"))                        
                            .DataSource(source => source.Read(read => read.Action("GetInstructions", "Note", new { productId = Model.ProductId, personId = Model.PersonId }))))

             function onDataBound() {


    The first bold line of code helps me pre-select some item when loading the tree and the second line of code helps me pass the list of ids of the selected items.


    My question is whether I can have both functionalities as the same time? If yes, how?


    Thanks in advance.




    Dayana Hadzhipetrova

  2. Answer
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    If you need to use template and set specific name to the input then you should set the name in the template:
    .CheckboxTemplate("<input type='checkbox' name='PrescriptionProductInstructions' value='#= #' #if(item.IsChecked){# checked #}#/>")

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    Thanks for the reply. It all works now.





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