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    Posted 23 Feb 2015 Link to this post

    I initially tested with a json result returned from a firebird database and my grid worked fine. Today I'm testing with a json result from a mongdb database and I can't populate the grid's datasource. Since I'm using json not sure what problem could be. See error below. The result json looks like

    [{Fname: "Nataly",Lname: "1Nataly",Age: 9,Gender: "female",Throwing: 0,ThrowRating: 4,Hitting: 1,HitRating: 21,Fielding: 1,FieldRating: 44,Catch: 5,CatchRating: 17,Running: 1,TotalScore: "",Bdate: "2/1/2007",ZipCode: "12345-4567",Flagged: "No",Coach: "",ThrowSub1: 0,ThrowSub2: 8,HitSub1: 10,HitSub2: 42,FieldSub1: 10,FieldSub2: 88,CatchSub1: 50,CatchSub2: 34,RunTotal: 10,ThrowTotal: "8.40",CatchTotal: "84.84",PlayerTotal: "264.08",HitTotal: "53.04",FieldTotal: "107.80",id: "54c3b6ffc2ea084d20e45fe5"},...]
    and my code
    $scope.gridOptions = {
    height: 700,
    selectable: true,
    scrollable: true,
    pageable: true,
    reorderable: true,
    resizable: true,
    groupable: true,
    sortable: {
    mode: "multiple",
    allowUnsort: true
    navigatable: true,
    filterable: {
    extra: false,
    operators: {
    string: {
    startswith: "Starts with",
    eq: "Is equal to",
    neq: "Is not equal to"
    toolbar: ["excel"],
    excel: {
    allPages: true
    filterable: {
    mode: "row"
    columnMenu: true,
    pageable: {
    refresh: true,
    pageSizes: true,
    buttonCount: 5,
    pageSize: 10,
    pageSizes: [10, 25, 50, 100]
    columns: [

    {command: ["edit"], title: " ", locked: true, width: "80px"},
    field: "id", title: "id", locked: true, width: 170,
    lockable: false, filterable: {cell: {operator: "startswith"}}

    {field: "Bdate", title: "Bdate", width: 200, locked: false, format: "{0:MM/dd/yyyy}"},
    {field: "Gender", title: "Gender", width: 150, filterable: {cell: {operator: "contains"}}},
    {field: "Lname", title: "Lname", width: 150, filterable: {cell: {operator: "contains"}}},
    {field: "Fname", title: "Fname", width: 150, filterable: {cell: {operator: "contains"}}},
    {field: "Age:", width: 300, title: "Age:", filterable: {cell: {operator: "eq"}}}

    editable: "popup",
    dataSource: {
    type: "json",
    transport: {
    read: function (e) {
    PlayerModel.getAllPlayers($scope.form).then(function (data) {
    console.log('read kendo init1 ', data)
    update: function (e) {
    console.log(' update kendo e.success(data) ', e, e.data.models[0].CLAIM_NO);// e.success(data))


    batch: true,
    schema: {
    model: {
    id: "id" ,
    fields: {
    id: {type: "string"},
    Bdate: {type: "date"},
    Fname: {type: "string"},
    Lname: {type: "string"},
    Age: {type: "string"},
    Gender: {type: "string"},
    Throwing: {type: "integer"},
    ThrowRating: {type: "integer"},
    Hitting: {type: "integer"},
    Fielding: {type: "integer"},
    FieldRating: {type: "integer"},
    Catch: {type: "integer"},
    CatchRating: {type: "integer"},
    Running: {type: "integer"},
    TotalScore: {type: "integer"},
    ThrowSub1: {type: "integer"},
    ThrowSub2: {type: "integer"},
    HitSub1: {type: "integer"},
    HitSub2: {type: "integer"},
    FieldSub1: {type: "integer"},
    FieldSub2: {type: "integer"},
    CatchSub1: {type: "integer"},
    CatchSub2: {type: "integer"},
    RunTotal: {type: "integer"},
    ThrowTotal: {type: "integer"},
    CatchTotal: {type: "integer"},
    HitTotal: {type: "integer"},
    RunTotal: {type: "integer"},
    PlayerTotal: {type: "integer"}
    pageSize: 10
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token :
        at Function (native)
        at Object.mt.getter (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/kendo.all.min.js:9:29454)
        at r (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/kendo.all.min.js:39:4138)
        at l.extend.initSuggestDataSource (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/kendo.all.min.js:39:7341)
        at new l.extend.init (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/kendo.all.min.js:39:5265)
        at HTMLSpanElement.<anonymous> (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/kendo.all.min.js:10:2314)
        at Function.b.extend.each (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/jquery.min.js:3:5257)
        at A.b.fn.b.each (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/jquery.min.js:3:2013)
        at A.mt.plugin.e.fn.(anonymous function) [as kendoFilterCell] (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/kendo.all.min.js:10:2298)
        at pt.ui.DataBoundWidget.extend._filterRow (http://localhost:8015/bower_components/Kendo/kendo.all.min.js:30:6900)
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    Posted 23 Feb 2015 in reply to John Link to this post

    Found some typo's i.e. ({field: "Age:"}) has a ":" after Age in the field so please close.
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