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Spreadsheet Toolbar
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Daniel asked on 12 May 2022, 01:10 PM

I'm using $("#spreadsheet").kendoSpreadsheet() to create a spreadsheet with a toolbar where I have only certain options of the toolbar available. In general, doing this is very straight forward but one of the options I want is "comment". It's on the Toolbar if you don't specify which options you want, but when you do, it does not seem to be available. Am I doing something wrong here. Even the documentation does not list it as an option.

This is straight from the spreadsheet ui documentation:

toolbar - API Reference - Kendo UI Spreadsheet | Kendo UI for jQuery (telerik.com)


The following list indicates the available tools. The tools which are part of a tool group are defined as an array. For example ["bold", "italic", "underline"].

  • open
  • exportAs
  • [cutcopypaste]
  • [bolditalicunderline]
  • backgroundColortextColor
  • borders
  • fontSizefontFamily
  • alignment
  • textWrap
  • [formatDecreaseDecimalformatIncreaseDecimal]
  • format
  • merge
  • freeze
  • filter

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Telerik team
answered on 17 May 2022, 11:38 AM

Hello Daniel,

Indeed, the 'comment' command is not on the list with the available tools in the Spreadsheet toolbar. What you could try is to enable the ToolBar and show all tools. Then you can hide those that you do not want to display. This is demonstrated in the Dojo example linked here

If you think that such an enhancement would be a valuable addition to the suite you could log a Feature Request in our official Feedback Portal. This way the other users could vote for the idea. Depending on its popularity it could be considered for implementation in a future release. 


I hope this helps. 

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Spreadsheet Toolbar
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