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    Posted 24 Sep 2007 Link to this post

    Right now I am trying to create a mockup for one of upcoming product. I thought using Telerik's control my job will be easier and thing should go smooth. But right now I am feeling difficulty. There are few things I like to share that really bothered me.

    1. Is there any central way to assign theme? right now what I see is I have to assign theme manually to each and every Telerik control I use on form. I looked in Sample application for similar problem but what I see is simple one control solution. What I really like to see here is, I use shape form - I assign Theme to it and all child controls follow same until explicitly override. Or we can have a control do same kind of job.

    2. I had already posted some problem with Treeview but found that its problem with VS design time environment. So as given in that blog now I close my design form before running application. However I found new issues.
        First I am using ShapedForm - every time assign Rounder as shape close form run app, shape is gone. I have done that 10 times and I think for now it is working (not sure how long).
        Second I am using RadTitleBar control, my form will be shown as dialog form I don't want Maximize button, I opened Edit UI Element window and set Visibility = Collapsed. Again design time look good. I have closed form (as it might behave same as Treeview) and then running application what I see Maximize button still visible. Not sure if this is a bug or I am doing something seriously wrong here.

    3. My main issue cameup is inconstant behavior of Title bar themes. What I found is default skin for Title bar do have Minimize, Maximize and close buttons. But as soon as I switch theme say - "office2007black" all I see is title bar with header but no buttons on right hand side and this is happening in all the themes other then default one. Do I have to prepare those buttons?

    4. I see lots of other UI components are also available in Suite but one thing I miss is Radiobutton as I can use other Telerik controls for consistent UI having old Non themed Radiobuttons slightly kill the appearance. This is not a big though. Problem here is with Textbox as I found using default with skin is not going to be that useful, its text coming touching to Border (top, left) that is not good by default it should have some margin to make it look much much better.

    Some of above may have some easy answers, but as I am new to Rad for Winforms and trying to create quick mockup forms I am finding my self no chance for experimenting with UI and themes. I am really looking back to old winforms controls to get my mockups going.. but I still love to use telerik controls in my app (if I get some solutions for above things).
  2. Dimitar Kapitanov
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    Hello Bryan Andrews,

    1. Yes, you can assign a theme at application level. Use the ApplicationThemeName of ThemeResolutionService:

    ThemeResolutionService.ApplicationThemeName = "Telerik";

    2. We are not sure about your problem with RadShapedForm's shape. Maybe there is a serialization problem. We will research this. Can you send us a sample project that includes the Form in question and provide us with more details?

    RadTitleBar is synchronized with Form's properties such as Text, MinimizeBox and MaximizeBox. So, the right way to hide Maximize button is to set Form's MaximizeBox property to false.

    3. Yes, to show buttons in RadTitleBar you need to add custom ones for themes other than ControlDefault. Thank you for reporting this issue. We will fix it in our next version. To solve the situation you can attach an ImageList with RadTitleBar. It must contain three images for Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons with corresponding indexes 0, 1 and 2.

    4.  Officially radio buttons will be available in Q3 2007 (mid December). Also we will be refactoring the textbox control but we are unable to provide you with a specific time-frame.

    Sincerely yours,
    Dimitar Kapitanov
    the Telerik team

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