Issues updating Kendo Scheduler data

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    Posted 13 Sep 2017 Link to this post

    I am using a Kendo MVC Scheduler control with a TimeLine view and I am adding new events via an ajax call to my server to add to a table that holds scheduler events.  I need a way to refresh the scheduler or to add an event manually just so it will show up until the next refresh.  Is there an easy way to do that?  

    I tried the following but it doesn't call my read method:

    var scheduler = $("#scheduler").data("kendoScheduler");

                    function () {

    This is my client side code:

     <% Html.Kendo().Scheduler<WheresMyTool.Models.MeetingViewModel>()
        .Date(new DateTime(2016, 12, 16))
        .StartTime(new DateTime(2016, 12, 16, 7, 00, 00))
                    "<div class='#= eventStyle #' title='#= description #'>" +
                        "#= title #" +
        .Views(views =>
            views.TimelineWeekView(timeline =>
            views.TimelineView(timeline => 
            views.TimelineMonthView(timeline =>
                timeline.StartTime(new DateTime(2016, 12, 16, 00, 00, 00));
                timeline.EndTime(new DateTime(2016, 12, 16, 00, 00, 00));
        .Editable(a => a.Confirmation(false))
        .Group(group => group.Resources("Attendees").Orientation(SchedulerGroupOrientation.Vertical))
        .Events(e =>
        .Resources(resource =>

            resource.Add(m => m.Attendees)
        .DataSource(d => d
            .Read("SchedulerRead", "Scheduler")
            .Create("SchedulerCreate", "Scheduler")

  2. Veselin Tsvetanov
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    Posted 15 Sep 2017 Link to this post

    Hello Ben,

    I am not quite sure if I understand well the described scenario. Do you create a new Event in the Scheduler using the UI and the Add / Edit event pop-up form? If this is the case, apart from properly configuring the Create endpoint, you will also have to specify the Model.Id field from the SchedulerEvent view model:
    .DataSource(d => d
        .Read("SchedulerRead", "Scheduler")
        .Create("SchedulerCreate", "Scheduler")
        .Model(m => m.Id("ID"))

    Attached you will find a simple MVC project, implementing the above suggestion. May I ask you to use that sample as a starting point and explain a bit in details, what would you like to achieve?

    Veselin Tsvetanov
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