Issue with setting selected value of DropDownList when using inline edit within a grid

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    I'm having some trouble with setting a DropDownList value while editing a grid inline.

    This is my datasource for the DropDownList:

    01.var baseTypesDataSource = new{
    02.    type: "json",
    03.    transport: {
    04.        read: {
    05.            url: "Profile/GetBaseTypes"
    06.        }
    07.    },
    08.    schema: {
    09.        model: {
    10.            id: "merchandisingBaseTypeId",
    11.            fields: {
    12.                merchandisingBaseTypeId: { type: "number" },
    13.                merchandisingBaseType: { type: "string" }
    14.            }
    15.        }


    This is my grid:

    02.    dataSource: profilesDS,
    03.    columns: [
    04.        { field: "profileNo", title: "Profile No" },
    05.        { field: "palletBay", title: "Pallet Bay", editor: booleanEditor, template: kendo.template($("#palletBayTemplate").html()) },
    06.        { field: "merchandisingBaseType", title: "Base Type", editor: BaseTypesDropdowns, template: kendo.template($("#baseTypeTemplate").html()) },
    07.        { field: "quantity", title: "Overs Qty" },
    08.        { field: "comments", title: "Notes" },
    09.        { command: ["edit"], width: "200px" }
    10.    ],
    11.    editable: "inline",
    12.    filterable: true


    And this is my custom editor for the DropDownList:

    01.function BaseTypesDropdowns(container, options) {
    02.    $('<input id="bt_' + + '" required name="' + options.field + '" />')
    03.        .appendTo(container)
    04.        .kendoDropDownList({
    05.            autoBind: true,
    06.            dataTextField: "merchandisingBaseType",
    07.            dataValueField: "merchandisingBaseTypeId",
    08.            dataSource: baseTypesDataSource,
    09.            dataBound: function (e) {
    10.                $("#bt_" +"kendoDropDownList").value(options.model.merchandisingBaseTypeId);
    11.            },
    12.            change: function (e) {
    13.                var dataItem = e.sender.dataItem();
    14.                options.model.set("merchandisingBaseTypeId", dataItem.merchandisingBaseTypeId);
    15.            }
    16.        });


    I am simply trying to retain the grid value in the dropdown when I edit a row inline.

    The above code does correctly work the first time I edit a row, however on subsequent edits the dropdown loads displaying blank, but has the correct value seelcted when I expand the dropdown (can be seen in the attached image).

  2. Stefan
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    Posted 27 Nov Link to this post

    Hello, Alison,

    Thank you for the provided details.

    After inspecting it I noticed that the issue may occur because the autoBind property is set to true. When the DropDown is used as a custom editor we recommend setting the property to false. This can be observed in our demo as well:

    Also, please advise if removing the custom logic on the dataBound and change events will affect the result as based on the code it seems that they do a logic which should happen automatically.

    If additional assistance is needed, please provide a fully runnable example reproducing the issue and I will gladly investigate and provide a suggestion best suited for it.

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