Is there any other way to get the kendo chart with out using jquery?

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    I'm using kendo charts,date pickers and grid using angular js in my get the grid details instead of using jquery im assigning name to grid like below.


     <div class="kendo-grid-wrap" kendo-grid="produtionSchedule" k-options="produtionSchedule"></div>


    Using grid name accessing all the properties and methods of kendo grid


    var dataSource = $;


    For grid im able to assign name accessing properties and methods,how can i do same thing for kendo charts and date pickers and ,if i try to assign name to chart or date picker control it self not loading.

    Here is the code that i tried with kendo chart :

     <div ng-show="utilisation.utilisationList.length != 0" kendo-chart
             k-series-defaults="{ type: 'pie',labels: {visible: true,background: 'transparent',template:'#= category #:
             #= value#%',format:'{0:P}%'}}"
             k-tooltip="{visible: true,format:'{0}',template:'#= category #: #= dataItem.time# hr'}"
             k-series="[{field: 'value', categoryField: 'category',explodeField:'explode'}]"

    is there any solution to solve this issue..?

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    Please refer to the following section of our documentation, describing how to get a reference to a Kendo UI Widget in the controller. The runnable examples, demonstrating the two possible approaches, use a DatePicker, but the same principles apply for the Chart and other widgets as well:

    I hope this helps.

    Dimiter Topalov
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