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    Icenium team has a few sample projects, and a few webinar recordings on their web site. There are a few additional tutorials available online, and there is also a basic function coverage on Kendo UI web site. Oh, yeah, there are also a few whitepapers on Icenium, but they are all sales pitch oriented rather than descriptive in nature.

    So, if there a good place anywhere that not only presents sample projects, but also describes in detail why a particular architecture was selected? Why all apps usually have one HTML file? Advantages of using Require.js vs. following the pattern presented in Icenium's default templates? Why the architecture for the default template is the way it is? How to make the Android build start in Flat mode by default? Anything along these lines.

    Thank you!
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    Most of our samples cover the Cordova API, and some of them highlight the usage of external libraries like jQuery and Kendo UI Mobile. All of the samples are covered in the documentation as well.

    We try to find the balance between best practices and easy to understand by beginners project templates and samples. We use single page application approach in the templates exactly for this purpose, more information on advantages can be found in the Kendo UI docs here.
    Implementing AMD loader in a sample will make it hard to understand for the ones not familiar with such architecture, but the developers familiar with it could easily rework it to use RequireJS. In fact the RequireJS page already covers the advantages of using it, see Why AMD.

    Setting the Kendo UI Mobile app to start with flat skin is easily achieved by specifying skin in the initialization:

         new$(document.body), {
             skin: "flat"

    This information is available in the Kendo UI documentation.

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    Thank you!
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