How to use the switch in a custom build?

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  1. Christopher
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    Posted 05 Jul 2017 Link to this post

    We were orginally using the "all" build of kendo UI for our application, but recently started using the the custom compilation Telerik provides with a gulpfile.

    We're using a mixing and matching components, using primary the non-mobile stuff, however, we do use the switch, but ever since we changed over to the custom build, we can not longer use the switch component, even though it's included in the build.

    It's probably some initialization code that we're not including, but we're not sure.

    When we try:

    $(element).kendoMobileSwitch( ... )

    we get:

    Uncaught TypeError: $(...).appendTo(...).kendoMobileSwitch is not a function


    Here's the gulp command we run to do the custom build:

    gulp custom -c autocomplete,binder,button,calendar,color,colorpicker,columnmenu,columnsorter,combobox,core,data,data.xml,dateinput,datepicker,datetimepicker,dialog,dom,draganddrop,drawing,dropdownlist,editable,excel,filebrowser,filtercell,filtermenu,fx,grid,groupable,imagebrowser,list,listbox,listview,maskedtextbox,mediaplayer,menu,mobile,mobile.application,mobile.button,mobile.collapsible,mobile.drawer,mobile.loader,mobile.scroller,mobile.scrollview,mobile.shim,mobile.view,mobile.switch,multiselect,notification,numerictextbox,ooxml,pager,panelbar,popup,progressbar,reorderable,resizable,responsivepanel,router,selectable,slider,sortable,spreadsheet,tabstrip,timepicker,timezones,toolbar,tooltip,touch,upload,userevents,validator,view,virtuallist,web,window

  2. Veselin Tsvetanov
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    Posted 07 Jul 2017 Link to this post

    Hi Christopher,

    Attached you will find a very simple Index.html page using the custom bundled scripts after executing the gulp command sent. You will notice, that the Switch widgets are properly initialized and rendered on the page.

    May I ask you to compare this output with your custom file (using a dif checker tool) and check if there are any differences? If the Switch part is missing, please, make sure, that the is present in your src/js folder at the time, when executing the gulp task.

    Veselin Tsvetanov
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  3. Christopher
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    Posted 07 Jul 2017 in reply to Veselin Tsvetanov Link to this post

    Hi Veselin,

       Thanks, indeed our file was the same. It looks like the issue was our mistaken presumption of the AMD module definition (we're using require.JS). With the "all" kendo file, it was enough to simply require the "all" module and call it done. We presumed that everything in our generated script would bundle under the "kendo.web.min" module, because at first glance, that's where a bunch of the modules were bundled - however, we didn't notice the mobile AMD modules aren't bundled there.

       We required a the switch module manually ("") this time around, and it worked. 

      Thanks for the help, it put us on the right track.

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