How to update data used by kendo.observable object using Ajax?

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    Posted 28 May 2018 Link to this post

    Is it possible to affect data asynchronicaly (ajax) that is used by kendo.observable object?

    With below code `cart.add()` function is triggered and `cart.contents` variable is updated, but this not affect the template and not refreshing data used by template. I'm expecting that changing cart.contents changes data used by template, like text: quantity and text: itemPrice

    template script 1:

        <script type="text/x-kendo-template" id="cart-preview-template">
          <div id="shop-info" data-bind="attr: { class: cartContentsClass }">
            <ul data-role="listview" data-bind="source: cart.contents" data-template="cart-item" id="shop-list"></ul>
                <div id="shopping-cart">
                    <p class="total-price" data-bind="html: totalPrice"></p>
                    <a id="empty-cart" href="#" data-bind="click: emptyCart">empty cart</a>

    template script 2:

        <script type="text/x-kendo-template" id="cart-item">
            <li class="selected-products-list">
                <a data-bind="click: removeFromCart" class="view-selected-items">
                    <img data-bind="attr: { src: imageSource, alt: imageAlt }"
                    <span data-bind="text: quantity"></span>
                    <span data-bind="text: itemPrice"></span>


        var cartPreviewModel = kendo.observable({
                        cart: cart,
                        cartContentsClass: function () {
                            return this.cart.contentsCount() > 0 ? "active" : "empty";
                        removeFromCart: function (e) {
                        emptyCart: function () {
                        itemPrice: function (cartItem) {
                            return kendo.format("{0:c}", cartItem.item.unitPrice);
                        imageSource: function (cartItem) {
                            var baseUrl = "{{ absolute_url(asset('images/products/')) }}";
                            return baseUrl + cartItem.item.image;
                        imageAlt: function () {
                            return "Product image";
                        totalPrice: function () {
                            return this.get("cart").total();

    cart - object observable used by above cartPreviewModel :

                var cart = kendo.observable({
                    contents: [{"item":"productID":1,"unitPrice":"111.00","image":"5.jpg"},"quantity":1}], 
                    add: function (item) {
                            type: 'POST',
                            url: '{{ path('add_product') }}',
                            dataType: 'json',
                            data: {'item': JSON.stringify(item)},
                            success: function (cart) {
                                // original code: 
                                // this.contents = cart;

                                // code for testing:
                                this.contents = [{"item":{"productID":1,"unitPrice":"111.00","image":"5.jpg"},"quantity":1},{"item":{"productID":2,"unitPrice":"999.00","image":"8.jpg"},"quantity":1}];


    binding model and template:

        kendo.bind($("#shop-info"), cartPreviewModel);

    Once again, With above code `cart.add()` function is triggered and `cart.contents` variable is updated but this not affect the template and not refreshing data used by template. 

  2. Paweł
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    Posted 28 May 2018 in reply to Paweł Link to this post


    contents: [{"item":"productID":1,"unitPrice":"111.00","image":"5.jpg"},"quantity":1}], 

    is for testing purpose , just to show cart panel bar at start with some items. Originally it should be:

    contents: []

  3. Ivan Danchev
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    Posted 30 May 2018 Link to this post


    You can use the observable's set method, in order to update the field (contents). Give the following success handler a try:
    success: function (data) {
        //cart.set("contents", data);
      var hardCodedData = [{"item":{"productID":1,"unitPrice":"111.00","image":"5.jpg"},"quantity":1},{"item":{"productID":2,"unitPrice":"999.00","image":"8.jpg"},"quantity":1}];
      cart.set("contents", hardCodedData);

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