how to render a read only calendar from a remote iCal?

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Charles asked on 27 May 2021, 06:25 PM

Hello, we use an OnlyOffice calendar for our scheduling.  We need to make that calendar visible outside of OnlyOffice.  Unfortunately OnlyOffice doesn't support iframing of calendars.

However it does provide a way to export an iCal via a URL.

I'm hoping the Kendo Scheduler can import that iCal (same domain, different FQD, ie is the display site, data is coming from

I found the example on how to use the scheduler, but it refers to loading a local iCal, which doesn't help me.

I've also had great difficulty finding adequate documentation for this?  Something simple like:

1) what to load

2) how to initialize from different sources, including a remote a ical

3) how to make sure the calendar is read only

Any and all help is appreciated.



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Telerik team
answered on 01 Jun 2021, 09:01 AM

Hello Charles,

What I would suggest you try in order to load data from remote iCal is to define the dataSource method as a function. In the function, you could send an ajax request to the remote endpoint. You will need to process the returned data as demonstrated in importICal() function in the Import-Export to iCal Demo.

Also, you will need to configure the dataSource schema on Scheduler`s initialization as demonstrated below:

 dataSource: {
 In order to set the Scheduler to read-only, you could set its editable option to 'false'



I hope you will find the provided suggestion helpful.

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