How to get time from kendoDateTimePicker?

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    Just working with kendoDateTimePicker... I have a startdate and an enddate, both working wit DateTimePicker. After entering both I have to evaluate if endtime is bigger than starttime. I'm able to get year, month and day by: 


    That works fine even if month (getMonth()) comes back with a month number 1 lower than expected. Example:

    January: 0 (expected: 1)
    December: 11 (expected: 12)

    It looks like that these functions starts counting the months of the year by 0 and not by 1, maybe thats wanted.

    Furthermore I don't know if I can get these values (month, day) back with two digits: "01" instead of "1"? I can handle that also in Javascript, just additional work.

    So the main question is: How can I get time out of kendoDateTimePicker (hours and minutes)? I couldn't find functions like getHour() or getMinute(). In hope it would somehow helps I have added: parseFormats: ["MMMM yyyy", "HH:mm"]


  2. Kiril Nikolov
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    The TimePicker widget works with valid JavaScript dates, so you can get just the time using this approach:

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