How to change recurrence date?

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  1. 宏吉
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    Posted 14 Aug 2017 Link to this post

    When first time select repeat on month or year the date will same as event start date,

    but when I change the event  start date I want recurrence's date will change 

    How to do that?

  2. Tyler
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    Posted 14 Aug 2017 in reply to 宏吉 Link to this post

    You can utilize the start/end dateTimePicker in the event editor change event. 


    var startTime = e.container.find('startTimeId').data('kendoDateTimePicker');

    startTime.bind('change', function(e){

        /*Then, in here you will have to dig into the recurrence editor (as there isn't an easy option to just pick out those components),

        and adjust the values of the start options based on the current value of the event start time.*/


  3. Dimitar
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    Indeed a way to achieve such updating is using the DateTimePicker change event. Then the DateTimePicker value method may be used for getting the new value. In addition, the value method of the DropDownList may be used for checking if "monthly" / "yearly" Repeat option is chosen. If so, the value method of the NumericTextBox may be used to set the new value for the ".recur-monthday" numeric textbox.

    The markup of Recurrence editor does not provide IDs out of the box for easy widgets selection in it. Here are some unrefined selectors based on the Scheduler Index demo configuration:

    // Start DateTime picker
    var startDateTimePicker = $('body > div.k-widget.k-window > div.k-popup-edit-form.k-scheduler-edit-form.k-window-content.k-content > div > div:nth-child(4) > span.k-widget.k-datetimepicker.k-header > span > input').data('kendoDateTimePicker')
    // Repeat DropDownList
    var repearSelector = $('body > div.k-widget.k-window > div.k-popup-edit-form.k-scheduler-edit-form.k-window-content.k-content > div > div:nth-child(13) > div > span > input').data("kendoDropDownList")
    // Recur on day of the month numeric textbox
    var recurMonthDay = $('.k-recur-monthday.k-input').eq(1).data("kendoNumericTextBox")

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