How do I just show the data (like RadSparkline)?

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    I would like to show data in WinForms in a fashion that's similar to the RadSparkline control for WPF.

    I would like to hide everything from the chart except the actual data being shown.

    I will also be updating the data in real-time, about every second with multiple charts on the same screen.

    Does the WinForms RadChart have some way to hide all the extraneous information such as legend, axis, labels and to make the chart's data area fill the whole control?

    Also, is RadChart up to the task in terms of performance for real-time data display or should I be using some other Telerik control for this?

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    Hi Alex,

    In order to show a data-only chart, you will need to hide the title, the legend and the axes:

    radChart1.ChartTitle.Visible = false;
    radChart1.Legend.Visible = false;
    radChart1.PlotArea.XAxis.Visible = ChartAxisVisibility.False;
    radChart1.PlotArea.YAxis.Visible = ChartAxisVisibility.False;

    Then you can adjust the PlotArea Margins as per your requirements.

    As for the performance, you should be fine with a single chart with a few hundred points. Still, the product was designed to be easily customizable and feature rich and it does not cope well with extremely busy charts or lots of charts in a window. It is targeted for casual situations which do not require a high performance solution. That said, whether you will be satisfied by the performance will depend on the number of charts and items. Please, make sure intelligent labels are switched off, as they bring a heavy performance penalty when the number of items increase. Actually, you may consider switching the labels off altogether for any chart exceeding 15-20 items (depending on the size).

    Best regards,
    the Telerik team
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