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HitTest, Needed: More Events, RowsCollection
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David asked on 15 Apr 2018, 07:37 PM

1. I see HitTest can return a row being displayed at a given point. How do I determine the desired point; i.e., what events or functions would supply that data, based on what parameters?

2. Might I add a request for making public some of the scrolling and sorting events that must already be internal to the Grid? Otherwise the Grid is too much of a black box.

3. I am glad to see in another thread you plan to implement a ScrollToEnd function.

And how about ScrollToRow, ScrollToRowIndex functions? Both would require a collection of some sort. Maybe also a ScrollToPoint function.

The nearest help I can find is in DataGridCellInfo with its Item property (might be better named Row). At any rate, that property does give me all the data supplied by a specific entry in the grid's ItemsSource, but neither its index within the ItemsSource nor within the visible display. I currently display an initial grid with just a few columns, but on cell selection I often popup a tabbed Details Editor for all properties. On closing the Editor I would like the newly edited entry to scroll to the grid top. I am already doing this with the competitor control I want to replace (it has other issues that are a real headache on Android).

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Lance | Manager Technical Support
Telerik team
answered on 16 Apr 2018, 05:30 PM
Hi David,

Thank you for the feedback. The DataGrid is still a brand new control (released in January) and we are working hard to bring on more features. You can submit your feature requests to the UI for Xamarin Feedback Portal, this is where the development team goes to first for new features and to prioritize issue repairs.

Regarding your feedback:

1 - HitTestService

We actually have this implemented for the UWP DataGrid (see here for more info), but not for all platforms, therefore it's not available in UI for Xamarin yet. I have logged your feature request, which you can be notified of status changes by following the Feedback Portal Item DataGrid HitTestService for all platforms.

2 - Scrolling And Sorting Events

Since I'm not sure exactly which events you'd like to see exposed, I didn't submit the feature requests for you. However you are able to submit them as well. Go to the UI for Xamarin Feedback portal and submit a Feature Request for each event group you'd like to see (i.e. Scrolling, Sorting, Filtering and Grouping).

In the meantime, the Selection events and Command Service mechanisms (via events or command service) are the only way to discern the item the user selected/tapped.

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