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    I'm using the Kendo.Mvc.Menu with a site map and security trimming.
    My problem is that when all sub items of a menu item are trimmed, the parent item is still being displayed.

    I've found an answer to a similar question regarding the Telerik.Menu, on this thread.
    However, I could not find the equivalent in the Kendo framework to this line:

    <% var navAuthorization = Telerik.Web.Mvc.Infrastructure.ServiceLocator.Current.Resolve<Telerik.Web.Mvc.Infrastructure.INavigationItemAuthorization>(); %>

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  2. Lauri
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    Posted 16 May 2013 Link to this post


    This might come a bit late, but for others searching for the same thing:
    @{var navAuthorization = Kendo.Mvc.Infrastructure.DI.Current.Resolve<Kendo.Mvc.Infrastructure.INavigationItemAuthorization>(); }
    and the menu part
    @Html.Kendo().Menu().Name("Menu").BindTo("sitemap", (item, siteMapNode) =>
    var hasAccessible = true;
     foreach (var children in siteMapNode.ChildNodes)
     hasAccessible = false;
     if (children.IsAccessible(navAuthorization, ViewContext))
     hasAccessible = true;
     item.Visible = hasAccessible;
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