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    I have an radgridview that its bound to an datatable from code behind. From code I setup columns and from designer I have one checkbox column.

    When I run the app and mark that checkbox column I want to change the text value of one of the other columns. But when I try to change the value of the other column it say "Column "name" its readonly." I check the status of the cell and its says readonly = false;

     private void BindGrid()


    var result = SqlClass.JT_Batch_GetBatches();

                grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.AllowAddNewRow = false;
                this.grid_Batch.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
                this.grid_Batch.AllowEditRow = true;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.AllowAddNewRow = false;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.AllowEditRow = true;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.AllowDeleteRow = false;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.AllowCellContextMenu = false;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.ShowFilterCellOperatorText = false;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.ShowHeaderCellButtons = true;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.EnableFiltering = false;
                this.grid_Batch.EnableFiltering = true;
                this.grid_Batch.MasterTemplate.ShowFilteringRow = false;

                    using (SqlConnection conn = SqlClass.GetConnection())
                        SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
                        cmd.CommandText = "GetBatches";
                        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
                        cmd.Connection = conn;

                        SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();
                        DataTable val = new DataTable();

                       GridViewTextBoxColumn batch = new GridViewTextBoxColumn("Batch");
                        batch.Width = 161;
                        batch.ReadOnly = true;


                        GridViewTextBoxColumn comment = new GridViewTextBoxColumn("Comment");
                        comment.Width = 215;
                        comment.ReadOnly = true;


                        GridViewDateTimeColumn created = new GridViewDateTimeColumn("Created");
                        created.Width = 86;
                        created.ReadOnly = true;


                        GridViewTextBoxColumn Frequency = new GridViewTextBoxColumn("Frequency");
                        Frequency.Width = 129;
                        Frequency.ReadOnly = true;


                        GridViewTextBoxColumn Status = new GridViewTextBoxColumn("Status");
                        Status.Width = 139;
                        Status.ReadOnly = false;


                        GridViewDecimalColumn tran = new GridViewDecimalColumn("# Tran.");
                        tran.Width = 60;
                        tran.ReadOnly = true;


                        GridViewDecimalColumn Total = new GridViewDecimalColumn("Total");
                        Total.Width = 82;
                        Total.ReadOnly = true;
                        Total.FormatString = "{0:$#,###0.00;($#,###0.00);0}";


                        GridViewTextBoxColumn SOURCDOC = new GridViewTextBoxColumn("SOURCDOC");
                        SOURCDOC.Width = 0;
                        SOURCDOC.ReadOnly = true;
                        SOURCDOC.IsVisible = false;

                        this.grid_Batch.DataSource = val.DefaultView;


    private void grid_Batch_CellEndEdit(object sender, GridViewCellEventArgs e)
                if (e.Column.Name == "select")
                    var row = grid_Batch.CurrentRow.Cells;                                                         
                    GridViewCellInfo cell = row[5] as GridViewCellInfo;

                    if (bool.Parse(row["select"].Value.ToString()) == true)
                        cell.Value = "MArked"; //HERE I GET THE ERROR MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!
                        row[5].Value = "Available";       




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    I resolve the my problem by doing this before assing the datasource property to gridview.


    foreach(DataColumn col in DataTable.Columns)


    col.ReadOnly = false;




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    Hello Edson,

    Thank you for writing.

    All columns which are read-only in the data table will be read-only in the grid as well. And your solution is correct, if you want to make changes, you should set the read-only property of the columns to false.

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