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Grid Page change issue.

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stephen asked on 22 Aug 2012, 09:10 AM
Hi guys, I've got a strange problem with my grid that has server side paging.

what we have done is abstract the the Kendo grid away from out current code using obtrusive javascript like so

   var options = {
        reorderable: $(element).attr("data-grid-reorderable"),
        autoBind: $(element).attr("data-grid-autoBind"),
        groupable: $(element).attr("data-grid-groupable"),
        width: $(element).attr("data-grid-width"),
        height: "400",
        scrollable: true,
        columns: columns,
        dataSource: {
            transport: { read: { url: $(element).attr("data-grid-datasource-url"), data: window[$(element).attr("data-grid-datasource- data")] } },
            sortable: { mode: "multiple", allowUnsort: true },
            type: "aspnetmvc-ajax",
            filter: [],
            group: groups,
            schema: {
                data: $(element).attr("data-grid-schema-data"),
                total: $(element).attr("data-grid-schema-total"),
                errors: $(element).attr("data-grid-schema-errors"),
                model: model,
                scrollable: true
            pageSize: $(element).attr("data-grid-datasource-pagesize"),
            serverPaging: $(element).attr("data-grid-datasource-pageable"),
            serverFiltering: $(element).attr("data-grid-datasource-filtering"),
            serverSorting: $(element).attr("data-grid-datasource-sortable")
        pageable: $(element).attr("data-grid-pageable"),
        columnMenu: true

this all works fine for the first page of the grid but the problem is when the page changes we return the data in exactly the same data structure that worked on page 1 but it doesn't work on page 2? the grid is just empty.

Can anyone help with this? it's a very strange issue because it works perfectly fine on the first page.


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Telerik team
answered on 27 Aug 2012, 08:22 AM
Hello Stephen,

The problem occurs because the values from the attributes will be of type string and not Number or Boolean. Converting the parameters should resolve the problem e.g.

serverPaging: $(element).attr("data-grid-datasource-pageable") != "false"
Kind regards,
the Telerik team
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