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  1. Graham
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    Posted 15 Apr 2015 Link to this post

    My grid shows only 1 page of data until I apply a filter and then clear it. Having done that, it instantly shows all 28 pages.


    1. does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?


    2. is there any way to get it to recalculate the page list at the bottom of the grid after loading using a javascript command?


    Here is the grid:


            .Columns(columns =>
                columns.Bound(d => d.DepotNumber).Width(60);
                columns.Bound(d => d.DeviceName).Width(150);
                columns.Bound(d => d.DeviceAlias).Width(150);
                columns.Bound(d => d.AutoMode).Width(100).Title("Auto Mode").EditorTemplateName("AutoMode").ClientTemplate("#:AutoModeDisplay#");
                columns.Bound(d => d.CreatedDate).Title("Created").Format("{0:dd-MMM-yy HH:mm}").Width(80);
                columns.Bound(d => d.Active).Width(40).Filterable(true);
                columns.Command(command => { command.Edit(); command.Destroy(); }).Width(160);
            .ToolBar(toolbar => toolbar.Create())
            .Editable(editable => editable.Mode(GridEditMode.InLine))
            .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "height:430px;" })
            .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
                .Model(model => model.Id(d => d.DeviceID))
                .Events(events => events.Error("error_handler"))
                .Create(update => update.Action("AddDevice", "Printer"))
                .Read(read => read.Action("GetAllDevicesForEdit", "Printer"))
                .Update(update => update.Action("UpdateDevice", "Printer"))
                .Destroy(update => update.Action("DeleteDevice", "Printer"))

  2. Alexander Popov
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    Posted 17 Apr 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Graham,

    I am not sure what exactly is causing this, but I suspect that the Read Controller returns data in format different than the expected. For example: 
    AggregateResults: null
    Data: […]
    Errors: null
    Total: 123
    I would recommend inspecting the network traffic either in the browser's network tab or using Fiddler to confirm if that is indeed the case. Also, sharing the GetAllDevicesForEdit implementation would allow us investigate further.

    Alexander Popov

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  3. Graham
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    Jul 2012

    Posted 21 Jul 2016 in reply to Alexander Popov Link to this post

    Apologies for the delay replying: you were right - there was a missing field in the data.


    btw - the date of the posts above should be Apr 2016, not Apr 2015.

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