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    Issue:  Date Filtering not working

    Background:  We are sending up dates as strings.  Yes, I could change this, but this would impact many things and cause a lot of other things to have to change.

    The raw data format is yyyy-mm-dd.

    Customers are requesting we change the display of the dates to MM/dd/yyyy.

    This is working fine by setting the template to this:

    "#= kendo.toString(kendo.parseDate(" + thedefs[ischema].index + ", 'yyyy-MM-dd'), 'MM/dd/yyyy') #";

    What does not work is the filtering.  Because the datatype is string, we get the string based operators.

    I switched the datatype on the field (only in the grid, not the data) to "date" and that partly works.  It does show the date operators and we get a date picker.  But, when you filter any date, nothing is returned.

    I dont really want to write a custom date filter.  Are there any other options?

    If not, can you point me in the right direction to a custom filter override?




  2. Stefan
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    Posted 13 Oct 2017 Link to this post

    Hello, Bryan,

    Currently, the described result is expected as the Grid is trying to match a date with a string.

    Indeed, the only option will be to make a custom filtering, which can be done on the filter event of the Grid.

    For example, I suggest on the filter event to parse the date back to its original string format and filter with that value, and then the Grid will make a match(with the string operators). Or if the date type is used, then the value has to be converted to date before filtering:

     //parse the value
     // use the filter method with the parsed value to filter the Grid

    Another option will be to use serverFiltering and to handle the filtering logic on the server:

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