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Get ComboBox value on RowValidated

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Thomas Van den Bossche
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Thomas Van den Bossche asked on 05 Nov 2009, 09:53 AM
Dear Madam/Sir,

One column of my GridView is a GridViewComboBoxColumn.
GridViewComboBoxColumn companyClmn = new GridViewComboBoxColumn( COLUMN_COMPANY ); 
companyClmn.DataSource = this.transport.GetCompanies( this.username ); 
companyClmn.DisplayMember = "companyName"
companyClmn.FieldName = "companyID"
companyClmn.Width = 150; 

I've added an event for RowValidated and want to check the value for this ComboBoxColumn
but I always get "Object reference not set...".
If I use a TextBoxColumn, I get the value without any problems.

private void SaveToDatabase( object sender, RowValidatedEventArgs e ) { 
    object value = e.Row.Cells[0].Value; // object reference not set...

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I've set .FieldName wrong... stupid error! Sorry!

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Martin Vasilev
Telerik team
answered on 10 Nov 2009, 02:58 PM
Hi Thomas Van den Bossche,

Thank you for writing.

I have tested a similar scenario like the described and I have not experienced any issues when getting the ComoBoxColumn value. I am using the latest release Q3 2009 and the following code works as expected:

void radGridView1_RowValidated(object sender, RowValidatedEventArgs e)
    var value = e.Row.Cells["MyComboColumn"].Value;

Please, try this code with the latest release and let me know if you still experience any issues.

All the best,
Martin Vasilev
the Telerik team

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Thomas Van den Bossche
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Martin Vasilev
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