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    Posted 15 Jun 2020 Link to this post

    Hi, I'm currently working on react functional component using Kendo React Grid. But, Couldn't process (using process from kendo-data-query)

    data using functional state variable. Could you please provide a Kendo React Grid functional component (using useState, useEffect..) example?


    Below is code i'm working on:

    import React, { useEffect, useState } from "react";
    import { getAllFmsForms } from "../../apis/fmsFormApi";
    import { Grid, GridColumn } from "@progress/kendo-react-grid";
    import { process } from "@progress/kendo-data-query";
    import "@progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap/dist/all.css";
    const Forms = () => {
      const [formsList, setFormsList] = useState([]);
      const dataStateObj = {
        skip: 0,
        take: 20,
        sort: [{ field: "formNumber", dir: "desc" }],
        group: [{ field: "formNumber" }],
      useEffect(() => {
        const getAllForms = async () => {
          try {
            const response = await getAllFmsForms();
          } catch (error) {
            console.log("error in getAllForms ===> ", error);
      }, []);
      return (
              pageable={{ buttonCount: 4, pageSizes: true }}
              data={process(formsList,dataState)} ---> error
              onDataStateChange={(e) => {}}
              <GridColumn field="formNumber" title="Form Number" />
              <GridColumn field="formTitle" title="Form Title" />
                title="Revision Date"
              <GridColumn field="formStatus" title="Form Status" />
              <GridColumn field="responsibleOffice" title="Office" />
    export default Forms;


    I've tried below way too:

      const [dataState, setDataState] = useState({
        dataResult: process(formsList, dataStateObj),  ----> error with dataStateObj
        dataState: dataStateObj,

  2. Stefan
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    Posted 16 Jun 2020 Link to this post

    Hello, Ravi,

    Thank you for the code.

    I assume that the issue occurs as we set the data directly to the response, which could be a promise, and we have to set it to a JSON:

      useEffect(() => {
        const getAllForms = async () => {
          try {
            const response = await getAllFmsForms();
    If the issue still occurs, please share with me the value of `response`.

    Also, our latest sample application uses only hooks and has a Grid. The application can be used as a reference:

    I hope this is helpful.

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