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MultiColumn ComboBox
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Mahsan asked on 25 Oct 2015, 08:48 AM

Hello Telerik Team

I have a multicolumncombobox in my form


 DataTable dt = new DataTable();
            dt.Columns.Add("Code",typeof (string));
            dt.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(string));

            dt.Rows.Add("101010", "​Mary");
            dt.Rows.Add("101011", "​Kate");
            dt.Rows.Add("101012", "​Tom");
            dt.Rows.Add("101013", "​Edward");
            dt.Rows.Add("101014", "Matthias");
            dt.Rows.Add("101015", "Alexander");
            dt.Rows.Add("101016", "Sara");
            dt.Rows.Add("101017", "William");
            dt.Rows.Add("101018", "Louis");
            dt.Rows.Add("101019", "Emma");
            dt.Rows.Add("101020", "Rose");
cmb.ValueMember = "Code";
            cmb.DisplayMember = "Name";
            cmb.DataSource = dt;
            cmb.AutoFilter = true;
            cmb.MultiColumnComboBoxElement.DropDownWidth = 340;
            cmb.MultiColumnComboBoxElement.DropDownHeight = 400;
            cmb.EditorControl.Columns["Name"].Width = 120;
            FilterDescriptor FilterDescr = new FilterDescriptor("Name", FilterOperator.Contains,string.Empty);


When I set "Name" as display member and set filtering by "Name" ,in this case every thing is ok, but when I set filtering by "Code"  I face a problem.

I start writing in multicolumn and it start filtering so when I press Enter the text of multicolumn will be cleared.

But if I Set filltering By "Name" I dont Have this problem with Enter Key.

Please help me ...


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MultiColumn ComboBox
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