Extending MultiSelect widget broken since 2017?

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    Posted 02 Aug 2017 Link to this post


    I once created a custom widget which extended the Multiselect widget (using Kendo 2016.2.714), but once I switch to Kendo 2017 (.1 or .2, doesn't matter), the widget is broken and gives a javascript error ("TypeError: Cannot read property 'done' of undefined"). For the purpose of this post, I created a really simple widget, showing the issue:

        init: function (element, options) {
            kendo.ui.MultiSelect.fn.init.call(this, element, options);
        options: {
            name: 'MultiSelectCustom'
        _select: function(e) {
    kendo.data.binders.widget.multiselectcustom = kendo.data.binders.widget.multiselect;


    The issue seems to be in the override of the "select" function, when I remove that, no JavaScript errors are to be seen.

    How to get this to work again with Kendo 2017?


  2. Dimitar
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    Posted 04 Aug 2017 Link to this post

    Hello Pieter,

    On the following Dojo example you will find a simple MultiSelect implementation, where a similar scenario to the one described is demonstrated (Extending/overriding the Kendo UI MultiSelect _select function).

    The observed behavior is expected, as this function expects a deferred object to be resolved ($.Deferred). There are two possible options:

    1) Perform custom logic and then call the base function (as demonstrated in the Dojo):
    return kendo.ui.MultiSelect.fn._select.call(this, candidate);

    2) Override the function and provide your own custom implementation:
    _select: function(candidate) {  
      // Create a deferred object
      var dfd  = $.Deferred();
      // Add handlers to be called when dfd is resolved
      dfd.done(function() {
        console.log("dfd resolved");
      // Resolve the Deferred object
     return dfd.resolve();          

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