Export to PDF for MVC Diagram does not work

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    Posted 23 Aug 2018 Link to this post

    Hi Team,

          I was trying to export the diagram to pdf, but it shows error.

    Please help.

    Razor Code :

    @using Kendo.Mvc.UI<br>@{<br>    ViewBag.Title = "Workflow Chart";<br>}
    <p><br><script src="https://kendo.cdn.telerik.com/2017.3.913/js/pako_deflate.min.js"></script></p><p><button class="btn btn-primary" id="btnExportPdf">Export to PDF</button></p><p>@(Html.Kendo().Diagram()<br>                            .Name("workflowOverviewDiagram")<br>                            .Pdf(pdf => pdf<br>              .FileName("KendoUIDiagramExport.pdf")<br>              .ProxyURL(Url.Action("Pdf_Export_Save", "WorkflowMaintenance", new { area = "Maintenance"}))<br>          )<br>                            .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource<br>                            .Read(read => read.Action("GetWorkflowStopData", "WorkflowMaintenance", new { area = "Maintenance", workflowDefinitionId = Model.OtcId }))<br>                            .Model(m => m.Children("Items"))<br>                            )<br>                            .Editable(false)<br>                            .Layout(l => l<br>                                        .HorizontalSeparation(400)<br>                                        .VerticalSeparation(200)<br>                                        .Type(DiagramLayoutType.Tree).Subtype(DiagramLayoutSubtype.Down)<br>                            )<br>                            .ShapeDefaults(sd => sd.Visual("visualTemplate"))<br>                            .ConnectionDefaults(cd => cd<br>                                .EndCap("ArrowEnd")<br>                                .Stroke(s => s<br>                                .Color("#979797")<br>                            )<br>                            )<br>                            .ZoomRate(0)<br>                            .Selectable(false)<br>                            .Events(events => events.DataBound("onDataBound"))<br><br>)</p><p><script></p><p>$("#btnExportPdf").click(function () {<br>        $("#workflowOverviewDiagram").getKendoDiagram().saveAsPDF();<br>    });</p><p></script></p>

    Error :

    kendo.all.js:52580 Uncaught Error: Cannot output NaN to PDF
        at e (VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:52)
        at VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:52
        at Function.e.withIndent (VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:52)
        at D (VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:52)
        at e (VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:52)
        at Function.e.indent (VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:52)
        at VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:53
        at Function.e.withIndent (VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:52)
        at z.render.render (VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:53)
        at e (VM4745 kendo.all.min.js:52)



  2. Milena
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    Posted 28 Aug 2018 Link to this post


    I tried to replicate the unwanted behavior using the provided setup, but to no avail. Can you reproduce the same problem on our online example? In case some specific configuration is needed, please modify it or isolate a small runnable project, which demonstrates the issue. 

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