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Daniel asked on 10 Feb 2022, 10:09 AM


Was testing a MAUI app with Teleirk controls for MAUI and works fine on Android but when trying to run on iOS I get an Exception before its even deployed to the simulator. The error is "Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error MT7091 File 'C:/Users/DanielEvans/.nuget/packages/skiasharp.nativeassets.ios/2.88.0-preview.187/runtimes/ios/native/libSkiaSharp.framework/libSkiaSharp' is not a valid framework: Could not find a part of the path "/Users/danielevans/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/EventApp/9f4ead0cad4fb87ccfeeeb8ad0da7fa57ca3f4b213dfcc8c083d36d8a3f9ca42/C:/Users/DanielEvans/.nuget/packages/skiasharp.nativeassets.ios/2.88.0-preview.187/runtimes/ios/native/libSkiaSharp.framework/libSkiaSharp". EventApp C:\Program Files\dotnet\packs\Microsoft.iOS.Sdk\15.2.200-preview.12.4\targets\Xamarin.Shared.Sdk.targets 616 "

Any ideas?

Kind regards,



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Lance | Manager Technical Support
Telerik team
answered on 10 Feb 2022, 03:37 PM

Hello Daniel,

I'm afraid I can't be of much help here, that looks like an issue with the SkiaSharp NuGet package in the .NET package cache.

My first recommendation is to make sure you are using the preview feeds from Microsoft so that the restore commands have access to the latest bits. you can ensure this by using the same nuget.config that we do for our demos maui-samples/NuGet.Config.

My second suggestion would be to explicitly install the dependent package (though this is supposed to happen automatically for you) SkiaSharp.Views.Maui.Controls.Compatibility v2.88.0-preview.187

My last suggestion would be to completely blast away your NuGet cache and force .NET to pull all fresh versions from the package sources. In the error output, it looks like yours is at C:/Users/DanielEvans/.nuget/packages/, but it's easier to just run the following command dotnet nuget locals all --clear. See dotnet nuget locals command - .NET CLI for more info.

Then, manually delete the bin and obj folders for that project and force a clean rebuild to get a fresh pull of the packages. Just make sure you have the targetframework set properly before rebuild and deploy.

Further Assistance

If you continue to have problems with this, the MAUI team at Microsoft would be of more help. Open a thread here .NET community support | Microsoft Docs. Just, be aware that there is no tag for MAUI yet because just like us, there is no official technical support during a fast-moving preview because things are expected to break every few weeks. You might find faster responses on StackOverflow instead.

Progress Support for Telerik UI for MAUI

I changed your UI for Xamarin Support ticket to a UI for MAUI forum post. This is because we do not have official product support for UI for MAUI during the preview. Also, you can experience a 24-72 hour delay because the Xamarin engineering team needs to re-assign the case to the MAUI engineering team (this change I also prevented you from wasting one of your Lite Support cases).

You can always look to our demos as a current-preview working example telerik/maui-samples as a source of inspiration during this period of unsupported technology.

Lance | Manager Technical Support
Progress Telerik

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Lance | Manager Technical Support
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