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    How to set multiline in a text message?

    I have some texts as below:

    Hello this is 1st message.
    Hello this is 2nd message.
    Hello this is 3rd message.

    it shows on fulfillmentMessages like below:

    Hello this is 1st message. Hello this is 2nd message. Hello this is 3rd message.

    2. How to show youtube channel in a carousel? 

    3. openUrl type in suggestionActions not working, below is the json format:

              "suggestedActions": [
                    "type": "openUrl",
                    "title": "Human Resource",
                    "value": "https://youtu.be/FAioXDmZ99E"
                    "type": "openUrl",
                    "title": "Tour & Travel",
                    "value": "https://youtu.be/K1BFaw99vkc"
    3. For multiple messages, we expect the chatbot's image on the first of message (see enclosed image, expecting location is on green cicle).
    4. how to show typing indicator?


    please help ..


    thanks a lot


  2. Nencho
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    Posted 06 Sep 2018 Link to this post

    Hello Winanjaya,

    I am afraid that, for the time being, multiline messages are not implemented. This could be suggested as a feature enhancement in our public portal below:


    As for the carousel videos - you can define them in renderAttachmnets and set the attachmnetLayout to a carousel, as demonstrated below:

      var chat = $("#chat").data("kendoChat");
        attachments: [{
          contentType: "quote",
          content: {
          contentType: "quote",
          content: {
          contentType: "quote",
          content: {
        attachmentLayout: "carousel"
      }, chat.getUser());

    Regarding your third question - such openUrl option is not available for the suggestedActions. The object accepts only title and value:


    As for the multiple messages - I am afraid that the current rendering is by design (same as facebook chat), and you can use the UserVoice portal again, in order to suggest different rendering or a configuration to change the position of the icon.

    Lastly, the typing indicator could be enabled through the renderMessage option as demonstrated in the example below:

    (see Example - Render typing indicator at the end of the article )

    Hope this would help.

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