EditorTemplate (Scheduler) does not work with ViewData

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DropDownList Editor Scheduler
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Lars1603 asked on 28 Mar 2022, 01:17 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of developing an ASP.NET MVC application that should provide the ability to record the time worked by an employee with a chart.
I use the Telerik UI Scheduler for this. The integration and use in general works perfectly, but the EditorTemplate gives me problems. (see code)
As you can see, I'm trying to open data from a database in a DropDown using "ViewData" within the EditorTemplate. In the index function (ActionResult) in the controller I have declared the "ViewData", which gets the data from the database via a service.

Now the problem: If I want to use the "ViewData", the EditorTemplate can no longer be built. (See error in browser console -> pic in attachement)
If I use this ViewData in a PartialView it works without problems.
However, if I comment out this part in the controller (from "var projects..." to "...ToList();") and leave the EditorTemplate the same, everything works again and I can open the EditorTemplate via double-click on the scheduler. But I still can't get the data.

What do I have to do so that I can use the data from the "ViewData" in the EditorTemplate?
I hope someone can help me.


Controller: (TimeTrackingController.cs)

public async Task<ActionResult> Index() //TODO: ActionResult
            // ignore this below ----------------------------------------------
            var overview = new ActivityOverviewModel();

            overview.PaList = new List<PA>
                new PA
                    Id = 1,
                    Number = 201885445,
                    PaName = "Inbetriebnahme",
                    OrderNumber = 201745965,
                    OrderName = "Ein sehr schwieriger Auftrag",
                    ProjectNumber = 2019788458,
                    ProjectName = "Laser für Gießerei programmieren",
                    CompanyName = "Constellium Rolled Products",
                    PlannedHours = 70,
                    CurrentHours = 80,
                    PaLeft = false,
                    TechnicallyReady = true,
                    Favorite = false
                new PA
                    Id = 1,
                    Number = 201888874,
                    PaName = "Lösungsfindung",
                    OrderNumber = 2197811144,
                    OrderName = "Ein sehr schwieriger zweiter Auftrag",
                    ProjectNumber = 2019788458,
                    ProjectName = "Laser für Eingang programmieren",
                    CompanyName = "S&K Anlagentechnik",
                    PlannedHours = 70,
                    CurrentHours = 45,
                    PaLeft = false,
                    TechnicallyReady = false,
                    Favorite = false
            // ignore this above ----------------------------------------------

            var projects = await _projectService.GetProjectsForTimelineCreateAsync();

            ViewData["ActiveProjects"] = projects.Select(p => new TimelineCreateProjectModel
                ProjectId = p.ProjectId,
                ProjectInfo = $"{p.ProjectNumber} - {p.ProjectName}"
            }).OrderByDescending(p => p.ProjectInfo).ToList();

            return View(overview);



<div id="right">
                    .Editable(e => e.TemplateName("EditActivity"))
                    //.StartTime(new DateTime(2022, 01, 1, 5, 00, 00)) // scheduler starts at 5 am
                    .DataSource(d => d
                    .Read(r => r.Action("ActivityCalendarRead", "TimeTracking", new { area = "Sktcrm" }))
                    .Views(v =>
                        v.WeekView(view => view.Selected(true));
                    .Events(ev =>
                    .Editable(e => e.Window(w => w.Title("Aktivität bearbeiten")))


EditorTemplate: (EditActivity.cshtml)

                /*.BindTo(new List<string>()
                    "Test ",
                    "Projekt 123",
                    "Test 2"
                .OptionLabel("Projekt wählen...")
                .BindTo((IEnumerable) ViewData["ActiveProjects"]) // TODO: doesnt work!!!
                .HtmlAttributes(new {@class = "kendoSelectMain"}))


Thanks in advance

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DropDownList Editor Scheduler
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