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Dynamic Tab with imbedded gid

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Sheldon asked on 27 Jun 2014, 03:14 PM
Hi There,

I am working on an editor for a multi-lingual product catalogue and am trying to use a mixture of tabs and grids to show the properties for each product in multiple languages.

I am working in MVC and my product controller passes a model to a view that contains all the product info for each languages.   I am then trying to dynamically create the tab strip so that each language becomes a separate tab.    Within each tab I call a partial view and pass a model that is filterer by that tab's particular language.

Everything seems to work except that I can't seem to click on any of the tabs that are created .... the only one that is displayed is the one I select programmatically (see below).

(*** View ***)
.Items(items =>
         foreach(string lang in @ViewBag.Languages)     
              .Content(@Html.Partial("~/Views/Shared/_LanguageProduct.cshtml", (from u in Model where u.Language == lang select u)).ToHtmlString()).Selected(lang == "EN");      

(*** Partial View ****)

@model IEnumerable<NewGlobalProductCatalogue.Models.usp_IPCGetProductInfo_Result>
@{var lang = (from u in Model select u.Language).First(); }
@{var gridname = "ProductGrid_" + lang.ToString(); }<p> @gridname </p>
    .Columns(columns =>
        columns.Bound(product => product.ColumnID);
        columns.Bound(product => product.ColumnName);
        columns.Bound(product => product.Language);
        columns.Bound(product => product.FieldName);
        columns.Bound(product => product.FieldIDValue);
        columns.Bound(product => product.MasterDataValue);
        columns.Bound(product => product.Prefix);
       @* columns.Bound(product => product.MasterDataTableName); *@

As I said, the tabs display and the first grid shows up fine, it is just that I am unable to click on any of the other language tabs and have it witch to that view.

Some items of note:

1) I am using the jquery 1.10.2
2) As you can see, the grid is named differently depending on the language
3) I created a simple grid with no partial views and that worked fine.
4) haven't tried using .loadcontentfrom because it seemed unnecessary in this case ... I have all the data there in the view ... it is just a matter of slicing it up correctly, which is what the linq query is doing.

Any suggestions?

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Telerik team
answered on 01 Jul 2014, 03:55 PM
Hello Sheldon,

The provided information indicates that there is a Javascript error on the page. Have you verified that? If you can't see anything suspicious, please provide a runnable demo.

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