dragging multiple rows from a listview to another listview

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    Hi there.  I'm having trouble dragging multiple rows from a listview into another listview.  Please see this plunker: http://plnkr.co/edit/FdMjVVLVHRcpHTCjhsT6?p=info for a description of what i'm working on.  the listview on the bottom has little circle 'X''s that i should be able to drag into the top listview.  I have 'multiple' select set for the bottom listview, so i would like to ctrl-click on the rows in the bottom list view to drag multiple, but  e.draggable.currentTarget is always just an array of 1, it never shows the other rows.  How do I fix this?  If i have to reachback and look at the listviews currently selected rows, instead of just looking at what is dropped, i'm fine with that, but that doesn't seem to work either.
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    Nikolay Rusev
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    Hello Brad,

    This is expected as every item is a draggable and only one item can be dragged at a time. You can however expand the logic inside `droptargetOnDrop` method a bit in order to get all selected items from the ListView and drop them.

    Here is how the code might be implemented:
    $scope.droptargetOnDrop = function(e) {
        //var dragid = e.draggable.currentTarget[0].id;
        var widget = e.draggable.currentTarget.closest("[data-role=listview]").data("kendoListView");
        var selectedItems = widget.select();
        var dragid = "";
        if (selectedItems.length) {
          dragid = selectedItems.map(function() { 
            return widget.dataItem(this).EmployeeID; 
          }).toArray().join(" ,"); 
        } else {
          dragid = e.draggable.currentTarget[0].id;

        var dropid = e.dropTarget[0].id;
        alert("dragid=" + dragid + ", dropid=" + dropid)

    Updated example: http://plnkr.co/edit/PiXAy41YDsI3wPCYy7LM?p=preview.

    Nikolay Rusev
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