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Drag&Drop: Get Drop-Location of Drop-Element

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Martin asked on 07 Jan 2020, 08:17 AM

Hello and a happy new Year!!!

I implement a drag&drop-function from RadPanels inside a System.Windows.Forms.FlowLayoutPanel.

When i come to the DragDrop-Event the "DragEventArgs e" only have the Location (e.X / e.Y) of the display not from the FlowLayoutPanel.

Where can i get the location of the dropped RadPanel?

Another question: Is there an event of moving the dragged RadPanel? I didnĀ“t found that. I need this for animation / show the dragged RadPanel.

Best regards, Martin


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Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Principal
Telerik team
answered on 08 Jan 2020, 09:13 AM
Hello, Martin,   

To perform drag-and-drop operations within Windows-based applications you must handle a series of events, most notably the DragEnter, DragLeave, and DragDrop events. A sample approach is demonstrated in the following article: 

The DragEventArgs offers the X,Y values in screen coordinates. You can calculate the drop location within the control's bounds by using the PointToClient method: 
        private void radPanel1_DragDrop(object sender, DragEventArgs e)
            Point screenDropLocation = new Point(e.X, e.Y);
            Point dropLocation = this.radPanel1.PointToClient(screenDropLocation);
            Console.WriteLine("Screen drop location :" + screenDropLocation+ " Control drop location:" +dropLocation);
There is no specific event for moving the dragged RadPanel. However, if you need to simulate animation effect, I would recommend you to have a look at the following help article which demonstrates the available options in the Telerik Presentation Framework: 

I hope this information helps. If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.

Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr.
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Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Principal
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