Down stroke color for Android candlestick charts

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  1. Thean Hoo
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    Jun 2015

    Posted 25 Jun 2015 Link to this post

    Is there a way to set a different (down stroke) color for Android candlestick charts, similar to OHLC charts?
  2. Victor
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    Posted 29 Jun 2015 Link to this post

    Hello Thean,

    Thanks for writing.
    You can currently specify a down stroke by overriding the candle stick renderer. For example:
    public class CandlestickPointRenderer extends OhlcPointRendererBase {
        private Paint bodyPaint = new Paint();
         * Creates a new instance of the {@link CandlestickPointRenderer} class.
         * @param series owner series.
        public CandlestickPointRenderer(CandlestickSeries series) {
         * Gets the current body paint.
         * @return the current body paint.
        public Paint getBodyPaint() {
            return this.bodyPaint;
         * Sets the current body paint.
         * @param paint the new body paint.
        public void setBodyPaint(Paint paint) {
            if (paint == null)
                throw new NullPointerException("paint");
            this.bodyPaint = paint;
        protected void renderPointCore(Canvas canvas, DataPoint point) {
            OhlcDataPoint ohlcPoint = (OhlcDataPoint) point;
            NumericalAxisOhlcPlotInfo plotInfo = ohlcPoint.getNumericalPlot();
            RectF pointSlot = Util.convertToRectF(point.getLayoutSlot());
            Paint strokePaint;
            Paint bodyPaint;
            if (getSeries().isPaletteApplied() && this.pointColors().containsKey(ohlcPoint)) {
                PaletteEntry entry = this.pointColors().get(ohlcPoint);
                int color = entry.getStroke();
                float strokeWidth = entry.getStrokeWidth();
                bodyPaint = new Paint();
                strokePaint = new Paint();
            } else {
                strokePaint = this.upStrokePaint;
                bodyPaint = this.bodyPaint;
            if (ohlcPoint.isFalling()) {
            } else {
            float stickUpperMiddle = (float) (Math.min(plotInfo.physicalOpen, plotInfo.physicalClose));
            float stickLowerMiddle = (float) (Math.max(plotInfo.physicalOpen, plotInfo.physicalClose));
            canvas.drawLine(pointSlot.centerX(),, pointSlot.centerX(), stickUpperMiddle, strokePaint);
            canvas.drawLine(pointSlot.centerX(), stickLowerMiddle, pointSlot.centerX(), pointSlot.bottom, strokePaint);
            canvas.drawRect(pointSlot.left, stickUpperMiddle, pointSlot.right, stickLowerMiddle, bodyPaint);

    This is the base implementation you can simply rename the class to CustomCandlestickRenderer for example and tell your series to use it like this:
    candleStickSeries.setDataPointRenderer(new CandlestickCustomRenderer(candleStickSeries));

    Please write again if you need further assistance.

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