DonutSeries Chart Label Formatting

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John asked on 19 Jan 2023, 06:58 PM

The Xamarin version seems to have so many formatting options for the series label how can we adjust the Font, Size, and Color of the Label for the Pie and DonutSeries Label in MAUI?

                <telerik:PieLabelSettings FontSize="15"

Also, I was reading where the Xamarin Control Legend had a Title option, can that be brought over to MAUI at some point?

        <telerik:ChartLegendSettings Position="Right"
                                    Title="My Legend"
                                    ItemFontFamily="Arial"  />

Also, as another request, if you guys can add a feature to the Bar series chart where we can add the ability to set a Corner Radius to the ends of the Bars so they can be rounded?  It would make it more stunning and impactful I believe.  I know other vendors have that option so it should be doable.

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Lance | Manager Technical Support
Telerik team
answered on 20 Jan 2023, 04:59 PM

Hello John,

For UI for Xamarin, and .NET MAUI, the Legend is actually a separate control which you use an x:Reference to link it to the PieChart.

I'm not exactly sure where you got that XAML from, the fact that it uses the "telerik:" xmlns prefix means it was not from UI for Xamarin, it looks like WPF code to me.

In any case, you can see this explained and demonstrated in the following documentation:

For text formatting, you have the following:

  • LegendItemFontSize (double)—The size of the item's title text.
  • LegendItemFontColor (Color)—The color of the item's title text.

For legend's title, that's simply set on the series level:

<telerik:PieSeries DisplayName="Value" LegendTitleBinding="Category" ItemsSource="{Binding Data1}" ValueBinding="Value"/>
<telerik:RadLegend HeightRequest="200" 
                   LegendProvider="{x:Reference Name=pieChart}"/>

Feature Requests

Indeed, you can also do this at any time by going to the UI for .NET MAUI Feedback Portal. (open a separate request for each feature, so that a task can be created for each one).

For your convenience, I have opened the following requests on your behalf:

If after using the UI for MAUI RadLegend control you still have more requests, then please open new ones using the link above. We'll review and add to the backlog.

Thank you for taking the time to open this thread and raise these topics!

Lance | Manager Technical Support
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