Does RadGridView filter on implementation of IBindingListView<T> as Binding Source?

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    I'm currently using Syncfusion for some work, but I'm quite unhappy with their product's design and implementation. I'm considering switching to Telerik, but I need to know whether or not the RadGridView filters/sorts the underlying strongly typed binding source, or whether it uses it's own internal list to filter/sort on.


    Here's why:

    1. We have 3 grids that need to synchronize data for, including filtering and sorting.

    2. We are using the Binding Navigator and we want to use it straight out of the box without having to add custom functionality


    As far as I have researched, WinForms does not have an implementation of a strongly typed sortable/filterable binding list (it does through DataSets and DataTables, but they are not strongly typed). The closest thing I've found is to write my own implementation of IBindingListView<T>, which only one example has been found on the web, and that version does not support text filtering (it's an incomplete implementation). We're doing an architectural upgrade from DataTables to a strongly typed binding list so that we can get runtime updates from the database in real-time and show them to the user.

    Does Telerik (or WinForms) have an implementation of IBindingListView<T> that we can use as the underlying list for our DataSource of a RadGridView and does RadGridView sort/filter on the underlying list, or it's own internal list?


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    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for writing. 

    Filtering, sorting, and grouping in RadGridView are executed on the internal object used to populate the data in the control. We have our own implementation working with filter, sort and group descriptors which are applied straight to the grid control. In this respect, you would be able to filter and sort the grid without having to apply these rules to your data source object. You can use the standard BindingList<T> implementation or your own should you have one. The following documentation articles providing additional information:
    Yet, if at some point you will need to build a grid having a visual indication of an applied sort and filter rules and at the same time manage the filtering and sort order in your object, you can still achieve it. For the purpose, you will need to set the BypassFilter and BypassSort properties to false. Examples, handling these scenarios are demonstrated in the articles above.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

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