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  1. Rahul Khinvasara
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    Posted 13 Jan 2010 Link to this post

      I am using Rad dock control & I have added three dock toolwindows on that i.e Calendar, Selection Sets, Toolwindow3. When I autohide all the three windows I can see those at right side of the current form.My problem is , while opening toolwindow after mouse hover on it , it takes size of the toolwindow which I opened earlier.I want to open the toolwindow in speciafic width which covers whole area of the control which is on the toolwindow. Such as If I open Selection sets toolwindow by mouse hover on that & pin it , I can see it in opened mode. but if I resize it & immedeiately after if I open the Calendar toolwindow by mouse hover on it , it takes the resized size of Selection sets toolwindow.What I want is I want to open all those toolwindow in there specific sizes & it should cover the whole area of controls whatever the toolwindow holds.For that if I set specific width it do not allow me to resize them ,I can resize them also.
    Please find an attachment of the sample example , In that I have set width to all the toolwindow on form load to avoide that it takes the resized size of earlier toolwindow.I am looking for the solution which allow me to resize the toolwindow & also dock toolwindows should not break width of it so that I can see controls under them fully not in squizzed format.Also one more point I cant resize them when those are in pinned mode , but after mouse hover on those & befoure pinning it I can size them to whatever.
    for example
    If I reduce the size of Selection set toolwindow by dragging it & pin it and then if I open calendar toolwindow by mouse hovering on it, it takes reduced size of Selection set so I see calendar half part i.e upto thursday or whatever the width.

    Please refer ticket id 242089 -- Dock Tool Windows for the attachments. I can't attach the application's zip file as allowed extensions are different.
    For above question which I had posted earlier also (refer ticket id 242089), you did get back to me i.e you were able to reproduce it and going to address this issue in the version  q3 2009. I am facing the same problems in q3 2009 version too.

    Can this issue be fixed asap? It's bit urgent.
  2. Nikolay
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    Posted 15 Jan 2010 Link to this post

    Hello Rahul Khinvasara,

    I tested your project using the latest Q3 2009 SP1 (2009.3.9.1203), but I was not able to reproduce the issue. When I resize a window by a mouse drag operation, only this window is resized and no other window takes its size.

    Please make sure that you updated the references of your application correctly. For additional information on how you can do this, please refer to the following help article: Application Upgrade.

    If this does not help, please describe in details the steps that you follow in order to reproduce the issue. This will allow me to investigate your particular case.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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