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    I need to make the dropdown of autocomplete display all items listed in the datasource. I have found the .search() method and it almost does what I want, the only problem is that it requires me to pass it at least one character and does not appear to work  if I specify an empty string. 

    How would I get all items to show?

    Here is a jsfiddle that illustrates what I'm trying to do...
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    I've got it working by modifying the source (see bold code): 

    * Filters dataSource using the provided parameter and rebinds drop-down list.
    * @param {string} word The filter value.
    * @example
    * // get a reference to the autocomplete widget
    * var autocomplete = $("autocomplete").data("kendoAutoComplete");
    * // Searches for item which has "Inception" in the name.
    * autocomplete.search("Inception");
    search: function (word) {
        var that = this,
        options = that.options,
        ignoreCase = options.ignoreCase,
        separator = options.separator,
        word = word || that.value();
        that._current = null;
        if (separator) {
            word = wordAtCaret(caretPosition(that.element[0]), word, separator);
        length = word.length;
        if (!length && !length == 0) {
        } else if (length >= that.options.minLength) {
            that._open = true;
                value: ignoreCase ? word.toLowerCase() : word,
                operator: options.filter,
                field: options.dataTextField,
                ignoreCase: ignoreCase

    And then setting minLength to 0 on initialization:

    var autocomplete = $("#autocomplete").kendoAutoComplete({
        suggest: true,
        dataSource: items,
        dataTextField: "Name",
          minLength : 0     

    This seems to work fine for me but I do not know all the implications of this hack, is there a better way?
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    THANK YOU!  You saved me a lot of time, just wanted to let you know.

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