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    I want to be able to delete cell data when I hit delete button when the cell only are focused but not in edit mode.
    Right now the hole row are deleted. I also want to be able to delete the row, but this should only happen when I have selected the hole row. How can i achieve this kind of functionality?

    Svein Thomas
  2. Stefan
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    Hello Svein,

    Thank you for writing.

    Your scenario is possible by creating a custom GridDataRowBehavior and override the ProcessDeleteKey method:
    class CustomRowBehavior : GridDataRowBehavior
        protected override bool ProcessDeleteKey(KeyEventArgs keys)
            this.GridControl.CurrentCell.Value = null;
            return true;

    Then in RadGridView, unregister the default behavior and register yours:
    BaseGridBehavior currentBehavior = radGridView1.GridBehavior as BaseGridBehavior;
    currentBehavior.RegisterBehavior(typeof(GridViewDataRowInfo), new CustomRowBehavior());

    The above implementation will set the CurrentCell value to null, when the Delete key is pressed. However, I am not quite sure how would you recognize when a row is fully selected in order to delete a row and when just a cell is selected in order to delete the cell value. Please provide me with the exact end-user scenario of selecting a whole row vs. selecting just a cell, so I can help you with the implementation of this behavior.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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