Default value after Databounding on DropDownList

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Maximilian asked on 19 Apr 2022, 07:15 AM

Hi, I need help to set a default value (the value is a filter for my grid) on DropDownList after the databound runs a function.


                        .Events(e => e.DataBound("loadStandardFilter").Change("onGridOptionsChange").Open("onGridOptionsDDLOpen"))
                        .HtmlAttributes(new { @class = "filter-dropdown" })
                        .DataSource(ds =>
                            ds.Read(read => read.Action("GetGridOptions", "InventoryData").Data("GetGridOptionsGridName"));


my js-file:

function loadStandardFilter(e) {
    var dropDownList = $("#gridOptionsDDL").data("kendoDropDownList");; (dataItem) {
        return (dataItem.Standard === true);
Patrick | Technical Support Engineer, Senior
Telerik team
commented on 19 Apr 2022, 06:56 PM

Hi Maximilian,

I noticed there is a duplicate support ticket created by you which addresses the same issue.  Please continue any conversation within the support thread to keep communication in one place.  

Thank you for you understanding in the matter.

Patrick | Technical Support Engineer, Senior
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