Default FadeIn Animation doesn't work in custom distribution for Window component

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    I'm using the custom distribution of version 2016.3.1028 (including each component individually) and ran into an issue using the Window component. Looking at the setup for the Window, it showed that the default options for effects includes "fadeIn" and "zoomIn" like it intends to animate the open interaction, but it doesn't actually complete the action.

    Looking more closely at the code, there is a check for kendo.effects.Fade (with a capital F) and if that exists then we run kendo.fx(overlay).fadeIn(). The problem being that the component does not actually require kendo.fx, so the "Fade" effect isn't established and, if it was, we'd fail on the kendo.fx call since kendo.fx isn't a dependency for the window component. Right now, window only depends on dragAndDrop (which then depends on kendo.core and kendo.userEvents and jQuery). One work-around for us is to just include kendo.fx in the kendo window component's code, but that also requires a somewhat large dependency for a simple fadeIn interaction and it seems like this is an issue for the individual distribution of the kendo window.

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    Hello Stephen,


    Including the kendo.fx.js file is the solution to the case. Note that you do not need to add it in the code directly or push it into the require statement. You just need to make sure that the file is included in the custom build you are creating. The custom download application will help you to find out which are the additional libraries you would need for your bundle. You can also check out that help article:


    The Effects library is not among the required dependencies and if it is not added, Kendo Widgets will run without animations. The purpose of not depending this script is that not all applications require animation and adding it on purpose will impact on the payload.


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