DateTime format when sending with JSON to ASP.NET Web Api controller

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    I have a DateTimePicker in my view, binding to my model's DateTime field, like this:

    1.@Html.Kendo().DateTimePickerFor(m => m.ReceiptDateTime);

    With this ViewModel: (I've omitted the irrelevant fields)

    1.public class ReceiptViewModel
    3.    public DateTime ReceiptDateTime { get; set; }

    Now, I'm trying to post this to a WebAPI controller in ASP.NET Web API using JSON. I've tried many ways, but the controller never receives the value for the DateTime and sets it at a default "{1-1-0001 0:00:00}". How can I send the date to the controller?

    1.var receipt = {
    2.    /* more fields here */
    3.    ReceiptDateTime: $("#ReceiptDateTime").data("kendoDateTimePicker").value()

    How should I format the date in javascript?
  2. Daniel
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    If you wish to post the data as JSON then you should use similar configuration to the one in the snippet below:
    var receipt = {
        ReceiptDateTime: $("#ReceiptDateTime").data("kendoDateTimePicker").value()
        url: url,
        type: "POST",
        dataType: "json",
        contentType: "application/json"
        data: kendo.stringify(receipt),
        success: function() {
        error: function() {

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