Datasource is filled but Scheduler doesnt show Dates

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    I am building an app using the Telerik AppBuilder and in the App i use the Scheduler widget, which I try to supply with data from a SOAP Webservice.
    The app receives the data correctly and, AFAICT, processes the data correctly into a Datasource which then is supplied to the Scheduler, but the Scheduler doesnt show the data

    Here is the function:
    function LoadKalender_Ready(data)
        data = convertToJSON(data);
        if( data.getobjectlistresponse.getobjectlistresult !== undefined )
            var dataKalender = data.getobjectlistresponse.getobjectlistresult;
                date: new Date("2014/6/26"),
                startTime: new Date("2014/6/26 07:00 AM"),
                height: ? "28em" : 600,
                views: [
                    { type: "day", selected: true },
                    { type: "week", selectedDateFormat: "{0:ddd,MMM dd,yyyy} - {1:ddd,MMM dd,yyyy}" },
                    { type: "agenda", selectedDateFormat: "{0:ddd, M/dd/yyyy} - {1:ddd, M/dd/yyyy}" },
                mobile: "phone",
                //timezone: "Etc/UTC",
                messages: {
                    allDay: "Ganztags",
                    today: "Heute",
                    views: {
                        week: "Woche",
                        day: "Tag",
                        //month: "Monat",
                        agenda: "Agenda"
                dataSource: dataKalender,
                        id: "meetingID",
                            meetingID: { from: "code", type: "number" },
                            title: { from: "titel", defaultValue: "No title", validation: { required: true } },
                            start: { type: "mydatum", from: "Start" },
                            end: { type: "myenddatum", from: "End" },
                            description: { from: "notiz" },
                            isAllDay: { type: "boolean", from: "ganztaegig" }

    Anyone have any idea on how to solve this?
  2. Kaloyan
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    Posted 10 Jul 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Andreas,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    It is hard to tell what could have gone wrong by simply looking at the code snippet. You can check if there are any errors thrown by debugging your application, directly on the device.

    Another option could be to fire a support ticket to us and share your project. This will allow us to investigate it further on our side and identify possible related issues.

    I hope this helps.


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