Customize grid column menu (replace it with filter sub-menu)

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  1. Martin Vesely
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    I need to customize clasicall colum menu of grid. Insted of him i need to show his "Filter" - submenu.. But only on some columns. I solved this by cobe below:

                 function columnMenuInit(e, data) {
                     var self = this;
                     var field = e.field;
                     var gridId = "GridODU";
            = this.thead.find("[data-field=" + e.field + "]");
                     if (field !== "Id" && field !== "id" && field !== "DruhPrijmu_Code" && field !== "ZuctovaciSymbol_Code") {
                         var menu = e.container.children().data("kendoMenu");
                         var filterMenuOptions ="kendoColumnMenu").filterMenu.options;
                         var menuParentWrapper = menu.wrapper;
                         menuParentWrapper.attr('class', 'k-reset');
                         menuParentWrapper.append("<li class='customMenu'></li>");
                         if ( == "FilterMultiCheck") {
                         } else {


    This solution works like I expected, but there is problem with doubled request to server for column fiter data. First request is made before columMenuInit event (thid fill with data filter submenu) and inicialization of kendoFilterMenu / kendoFilterMultiCheck in columMenuInit event cause second request.

    Is there some way how to do only one request ? Or is there any other solution how to achieve desired behaviour  ?



  2. Angel Petrov
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    Posted 14 Mar 2017 Link to this post


    Have you tried providing a customizing the filter menu as shown in this demo? Could you please share with us the entire grid configuration so we could examine the setup?

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