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    we use RadGridView to display a collection of objects.
    the model of this collection is as follows:

    Public Class Model
    public Prop1;
    public  Prop2;
    private Dictionary<string, MethodInfo> extensionMethodeByfqdnNameCache = new Dictionary<string, MethodInfo>();
    public object this[string name]
                    if (extensionMethodeByfqdnNameCache.Keys.Where(key => key == name).FirstOrDefault() == null)

                        string folderPath = Path.GetDirectoryName(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location);
                        string assemblyFilePath = name.Split(',')[1].Trim();
                        string[] assembliesSearchRslt = Directory.GetFiles(folderPath, assemblyFilePath   ".dll", SearchOption.AllDirectories);

                        if (assembliesSearchRslt.Count() < 1) throw new Exception("Cannot load assembly");

                        Assembly assembly = Assembly.LoadFrom(assembliesSearchRslt[0]);

                        var currentType = this.GetType();
                        var methodeinfo = currentType.GetMethod("GetExtensionObject");
                        var extensionType = assembly.GetType(name.Split(',')[0].Trim());

                        MethodInfo generic = methodeinfo.MakeGenericMethod(extensionType);
                        extensionMethodeByfqdnNameCache.Add(name, generic);

                    return extensionMethodeByfqdnNameCache.Where(dic => dic.Key== name).FirstOrDefault().Value.Invoke(this, null);

    The model is shared across multiple assembly.
    using a modular mechanism personalized.
    the grid is always displayed and each change (module) are added Propertie anotre specific model:
    and recovering these properties through the binding as follows:
    Model. [^ ClassName, Assembly]. Property

    Note: Model contain a method "GetExtension" ClassName to load a Dicationnary.

    Binding the work properly.

    we create a personalized component filrage and we could fill it with the values ​​of this column grid personalized.

    but when we must create a filter and passes FilterDescriptor Member of the filter [ClassName, Assembly]. Property with the operator Equal
    unfortunately this does not filter the grid.

    FilterDescriptor.Member is on, does that make a filter on the Model property declared in the Model class and can not invoke the method this [string name] to retrieve the extended properties?

    how to do the filtering mechanism with an extension properties on the Model?

    if you must use IColumnFilterDescriptor found in Q1 2012?
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