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    I'd like a run down regarding custom data binding scenario. I need to provide the Scheduler with my own LINQ feed for the Appointment and Resource bindings. Therefore, I need the scheduler's Binding source fully coded by hand as the wizard for the UI component doesn't take LINQ. I have the DB-Level SPs ready and they are implemented as LINQ methods in the DAL project. Kindly help me out here.
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    Dobry Zranchev
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    Hi Hassan,

    Thank you for writing.

    There is no difference when you use LINQ instead of list with custom objects which represent appointments. The following code snippet demonstrates how to bind RadScheduler using LINQ:

    public partial class Form37 : Form
        List<Appointment> appointments = new List<Appointment>();
        public Form37()
        private void FillAppointments()
            this.appointments.Add(new Appointment(this.radScheduler1.ActiveView.StartDate.Date.AddHours(5), new TimeSpan(1, 0, 0), "1"));
            this.appointments.Add(new Appointment(this.radScheduler1.ActiveView.StartDate.Date.AddHours(6), new TimeSpan(2, 0, 0), "1"));
            this.appointments.Add(new Appointment(this.radScheduler1.ActiveView.StartDate.Date.AddHours(5).AddDays(1), new TimeSpan(3, 0, 0), "1"));
            this.appointments.Add(new Appointment(this.radScheduler1.ActiveView.StartDate.Date.AddHours(3).AddDays(2), new TimeSpan(1, 0, 0), "2"));
            this.appointments.Add(new Appointment(this.radScheduler1.ActiveView.StartDate.Date.AddHours(4), new TimeSpan(1, 0, 0), "2"));
        private void LoadDateFromLing()
            var apps = from a in this.appointments where a.Summary == "1" select a;
            SchedulerBindingDataSource dataSource = new SchedulerBindingDataSource();
            // map the MyAppointment properties to the scheduler
            AppointmentMappingInfo appointmentMappingInfo = new AppointmentMappingInfo();
            appointmentMappingInfo.Start = "Start";
            appointmentMappingInfo.End = "End";
            appointmentMappingInfo.Summary = "Summary";
            appointmentMappingInfo.Description = "Description";
            appointmentMappingInfo.Location = "Location";
            appointmentMappingInfo.UniqueId = "UniqueId";
            dataSource.EventProvider.Mapping = appointmentMappingInfo;
            // assign the generic List of CustomAppointment as the EventProvider data source
            dataSource.EventProvider.DataSource = apps;
            this.radScheduler1.DataSource = dataSource;

    In case that you have other related questions, feel free to write back.

    Dobry Zranchev
    the Telerik team
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